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To Spread The Word

A woman caught with gray cloth stolen;
a peasant with a straightened scythe;
sinless hearts in a world broken,
clad in orange, chains, and pride -
they are the voice, I'm just the wind
to catch the spark and spread the blaze
until even tax-men rescind
and condemn their former ways -
like long ago that one in the 12 -
until the whole world is burnt.


Under misaligned stars, I wriggled free
of the damp-red cave that nurtured me;
the light still hurts my eyes but through the pain
I inch my way forward and stretch the chain
that binds to a floating ball of dirt and rain -
towards a lie that it's not all in vain -
and another damp cave where the roots
find in me the food they need for fruits -
so you can't say it's a fruitless endeavor
to run in circles, forever and ever.

Medieval Winter

Vast white blankets, bare trees, Raynaud hands -
slow death descends upon all known lands
only to withdraw in mud and rot again
a few moons later - oh, but until then,
each morning greets a few less sons of men
out there beyond the castle wall -
and oblivious within the gilded hall
God's humble servant prays not for warmth and grain,
but for their souls - so they won't pay in vain
tenth of their toil, that could save a child.
The tamed wolf kills subtler than the wild.
some bus poems
as it says on the tin. :)
The Scourge by librarian-of-hell
The Scourge
Réka, Hungarian Archeress.

Pouch design here.
Belt buckle pattern here.

Patriotic color scheme. Leather boots and belt.
Weapons: Traditional Hungarian recurve bow with steel-headed, special incendiary, or poison arrows. Switchblade dagger in pouch.
Skills: Precision archery (specialty: Parthian shot), melee, poison making, horse riding.
Companion (not depicted): Holló (Raven), a jet-black, trained war stallion.
Humans are present, but only as colonists from other worlds, just beginning to form their own niches. There are also a number of extinct races that appear in legends. No native elves, no orcs (except for slaves on human colonies), no dwarves (though some caves contain evidence that they were present on Uvaeth in previous ages).

Frost people (arcaani): resembling large, white-furred gorillas with an erect gair and a sophisticated, if somewhaat alien culture. Resistant to the icy climate of their native environment, their lifespan is typically twice of a human's. Hermaphroditic species. Tapetum lucidum is present; also, prominent canines. Usually carnivorous - skilled hunters, although some embrace a meditative lifestyle that forbids any kind of violence. No special magical abilities except for a rare, hereditary (recessive) trait that enables certain individuals to peer into posible futures.

Nirth: exceptionally intelligent, albeit emotionally distant humanoids appearing to be very lither, albino humans. Suspected to be a subdivision of the human species, although they deny this. Their physical abilities lacking, they are most often practitioners of magic or mechanical technology. Average lifespan: 50-60 years. No "own" homeland or consistent culture, albeit they are considered a distinct "class" in every realm and viewed with a mixture of renown and disdain. They tend to have less than average personal hygiene due to their devotion to "higher" things, intellectual pursuits. Sexual dimorphism similar to humans.

Maggani: Centauroids with a feline (tiger, leopard, lion, etc.) lower half and a humanoid upper half that is usually tan to dark brown with a golden sheen. Catlike eyes, marked sexual dimorphism in the form of extensive musculature, a mane, and short, strong fangs in males. The tail has important social functions; pariahs have it removed. Warlike nomadic culture, wandering tribes. Magic-resistant; their mere presence cancels out most types of mana fields. Cunning, although usually not malicious. Highly ritualized, though bloody claw melees decide mating rights and settle territorial disputes among males, who are considered "heads" of the family, although both sexes are equally involved in life-sustaining acitivities such as hunting, childrearing, and handling livestock.

Water dragons: Snakelike, aquatic, telepathic race that breeds "living tools" from various underwater species of animals. Extreme isolationists, prefer no contact with land-dwellers. They come in various iridescent colors. Females have a hornlet on their snouts resembling a retained "egg tooth", which turns red when they enter estrus (yearly). Not much is known about their social sructure, though they are likely to belong to a loose worldwide network "nation" distributed all over the oceans of Uvaeth.

Ilarim: Resembling orcs with chitinous armor plating, they vary from dark green to brown to black. Not too smart creatures, mostly peaceful, benign farmers or "workhands" with an average lifespan of 40 years, during which they undergo several moultings as they never stop growing. Elders can reach up to 2-3 meters in height. Hermaphroditic, egg-laying species.

Shapeshifters (dwyggan): The eldest race of Uvaeth. No distinct "original" shape, can fluidly change into any form they please. For contact with others, they usually assume the form of the race they are dealing with. Heavily involved in spying, information gathering, and medicine. Technically immortal, as they can reshape themselves constantly, although they are vulnerable to fire, certain special poisons, and magical attacks. Reproductive ability is very rare; if it happens, it's by asexual division.
I had to. This was something different.
At least now I know what i actually can and can't do.
And i'm more and more determined to find something i've actually studied for.

#FuckRetail #ImWorthIt
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