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Oh how I love being sleep-deprived by overdosing on love and inspiration. (And timezones.) But then again, if there was nothing to lose sleep about, I'd probably be sleeping at home already... and that's supposed to be a bad thing somehow in current society, so there's that.

Serious morning thoughts though.

1) Normally I love nature, but have you looked around recently and went "wow, what a waste"? Just take the concept of reproductive fitness. Basically it means this: everyone pours resources into making kids, but only a fraction of those kids will be able to make kids of their own, so the resources spent on the ones that don't are wasted. And since this is an automatic process, no one can predict which ones will be successful and which won't - natural selection has no foresight. And yet, without the massive amount of creatures to select from, the process would not work. Now in humans, making kids is no longer the top priority, but I've noticed the same on DeviantArt itself. There's a shitload of bad art on, wow, man! I don't wanna offend anybody so I'm not singling people out but seriously, there are so many clichés and badly written poetry (sometimes even the spelling is atrocious) and sucky Paint drawings made by bored teenagers, and so on, and so forth. (And popularity hardly ever correlates with actual quality, but that's a whole another can of worms.) And yet, somehow you get the feeling that the good artists would not exist without the bad ones - and that without the droves of "normal" people, there would be no better ones either... that there has to be an enormous amount of intellectual sludge around to make a few precious nuggets of gold. This is of course a subjective hunch, but... if it is correct, then wow. Just wow, man. I got a similar "wow" moment last night when I learned about the real - well, according to a textbook - reason why Y incisions are done in that particular shape. I always assumed it was a utilitarian thing, something like maximizing access to the internal workings of a body while minimizing effort and/or damage done in the process, but no, apparently it's so that you look pretty and incision-less in an open casket with a low-cut blouse on. What a weird reason is that?! But then again, most people don't like being reminded of what they really are (that is, mortal biological entities), even at a funeral.

2) I saw a couple of crows (yay!) on the way back from getting the groceries. Just the two of them, sitting together on a rock, minding their own business...but the moment I looked at them directly, they flew away. Since two crows (or ravens, but let's face it, there's not much difference between 'em regarding lifestyle, smartness, and even looks) typically conjures up Hugin and Munin, aka Thought and Memory, this made me think: well yeah, that's brain research. As in, thought and memory are elusive as fuck, and when you're about to grasp how they work, you find yourself with an incomplete answer. Which is why we should be humble enough to stop thinking like this: "I don't understand you, therefore you are pathological", which is a relic of Victorian times when everything was filed away in neat little labeled boxes...until science has shown that boxes don't work, nature is fuzzy, yay for more uncertain territory for scientists to explore. One example of this: granted, character flaws and "demons" exist, whether they are caused by genes or experiences (mostly both), and they can give you a hard time in life, but that doesn't mean you should get away with wifebeating because you're supposedly ill. (Yes, this particular thought was prompted by the Palin thing, and a comment on a PTSD awareness Facebook page that went like this: "My attitude is detemined by whether my medications are right." Well, that is what scares me about them - I want my attitude towards people to be determined by their behavior, not random crap like that. Yes, this long bit in parentheses is largely aimed at :iconskaramine: - sorry to be still on about this, but I want to convey that it's not magical thinking. I do have magical thinking sometimes, but try not to apply it to serious stuff.)
So yeah, the idea that the study of the mind absolves personal responsibility is bullshit. Yes, I know about Phineas Gage, and the countless other cases that have been studied since then, but that is still a tiny sliver of what is actually going on inside our heads. Or, for that matter, in that particular head that belongs to the person you're working with, because on top of all this, brains happen to be pretty different from each other, even within particular categories. Hell, there might even be some sort of "free will" based on the uncertainty principles of quantum mechanics. Or not. Point is, we have no freaking idea, so personal responsibility is a thing until proven otherwise. (And it should go without saying that bad consequences should only accompany bad actions. If you ain't hurting anybody, then no matter how much society hates what you're doing, you ain't guilty/sick/whatever-the-currently-fashionable-term-for-bad-happens-to-be.)

*gets off soapbox and goes back to being an adult*
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