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I was let off work early today due to bad weather, and thus I had time to read some comments on a Hungarian news site and figure out why so many people seriously believe that homosexuality is "contagious". I really never knew where this notion even came from, it's so WTF to anyone who has even the most rudimentary biological knowledge, and yet, it's very widespread, and it comes up in every discussion about the topic.
Well, as far as i've read, it seems that in their minds, homosexuality "can't be inherited" because gay sex doesn't produce children, which leaves horizontal transfer (contagion) as the only possibility. And why is this so obviously wrong?

a) Homosexual acts don't produce children, that is true. But bisexuals and people who were forced into heterosexual unions by social pressure, regardless of their original orientation, can. (Left-handedness parallelisms, anyone?) So there is a possibility of direct inheritance. But the bigger deal is indirect inheritance - kinda like the way blue eyes or haemophilia A run in families (autosomal recessive pattern in the case of blue eyes; X-linked recessive in the case of haemophilia A). (At this point a part of me is going: "Christ in a bucket, you don't know what a recessive trait is?!" Seriously, people, this is high school stuff!!! At least in Hungary it is taught in 10th grade, i'm not sure about, say, the US, though...) There is also evidence of homosexuality (at least in men) being partially X-linked.

b) If homosexuality were "spread" by "encouragement", how come there are gays in Muslim countries? Muslims execute (stone or hang) people for being gay. If it was so easy to "refrain from homosexual behavior", wouldn't that be enough of a deterrent? And how do you explain a 13-yr-old small town girl, who has never even heard of homosexuality or anything of the sort, suddenly getting horny feelings for, say, Jeri Ryan instead of Brad Pitt? (Yes, that girl was me. And I thought it was a common experience for everyone at that age. It was only years later when this came up in a conversation that i learned that being attracted to girls was "ok" for boys, but it was a "thing" in my case.) And riddle me this: if "the gay" was contagious - how come i never infected anyone? Reports of alleged infections are most likely cases where the "infected" partner was already bi to begin with.

It's time to get rid of the notion that homosexuality is a demographic problem anyway. Gay couples are not any more infertile than infertile straight couples are, and the latter can use modern reproductive technologies or even "moms for hire" to overcome their infertility without anyone objecting to it, so why couldn't gay couples do the exact same goddamn thing? Of course they can.

*sigh* I kinda feel this post was pointless, because some people will remain adamant about homosexuality being a Really Bad Thing(TM), no matter what. But anyway, here goes.

BTW, accepting that i'll never have a girlfriend is harder than i thought. But i'll need to get it through my thick skull once and for all. I can't be loved. Shit happens. That's how it is. Get realistic. So, without a trace of irony, good luck to me being an adult and letting go of such a stupid dream.
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