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Crop circles by librarian-of-hell
Crop circles
Third blood painting. Hoax or not, some of the alleged alien patterns are quite beautiful.
The spermatozoon said... by librarian-of-hell
The spermatozoon said...
Second blood painting. It's interesting how blood distorts the paper...
The man on the cave wall by librarian-of-hell
The man on the cave wall
First blood painting randomness. I know I'm far from Taccardi, but even he had to start somewhere.
a couple of blood paintings are hung out to dry. uploads soon. btw if you think cutting is bad, go eat a bag of dicks.

all day every day
i watch them walk the socio path
and i cannot find my own
so i drift from A to B
then to C and back again
artistically incorrect
putrid zit on the face of the earth
wormfood walking with wailing songs trailing in the air
a solar flare
lights up the void
there is no sky
no blue ceiling to prevent rocks falling on our heads
and we are velociraptors
sitting ducks on a piece of rock
hurtling through disembodied
clouds of dust
cloud my mind
fuck me
have you ever wondered why
would purposelessness build creatures of purpose
whose existence is madness
living through self-destruction
born to rape
and to be raped
and even have it videotaped
i mean really
think about it
i'm carrying a horse on my back to the water
but he wants to die of thirst
doesn't even lick the sweat off my skin
even though i see the longing in his eyes
to wet that parched tongue
but no
mind over matter
the mind doesn't matter
as if only these two choices were there
there are choices everywhere
the hairdryer next to the tub
the knife on the counter
make it count
i'm dyscalculic so you can't count on me
cut off my fingers
eat them like French fries
a sense of humor in the last moment is always appreciated*


open up your legs - i feel like stuffing you
with my sorrows and agonies and thoughts
until your womb exudes them into a child
screaming with all the might of his new lungs
burning - recreating the pain i hid in the hole
until he grows big enough to wrestle a woman down
and start the cycle all over again.


opaque red and translucent warm brown
liquids paint a smile upon the frown
carved into the face of the heart.
years pile up in bottles - drain the card
and the vein, all in vain,
as the pretense of friendships
ferments into pain.


i make me sick
i make me slick
every morning flick the button
a semblance of life
flickers into being upon the touch
of its own hand
selfish and self-contained
dreams are fading
dizzy cobwebs on the eyes
and time flies
but then loses its wings for eight hours
to drag on like Siberian trains
spotless sheets of white
call on me to litter them with letters
to nobody nowhere
floating in an international limbo before
oblivion inevitably
chisels the monuments away
the desert stretches

I loved you when you were unfaithful; what would I have done if you were true?
- Jean Racine

As long as there was
a chance to escape
everyone remained
in the prison.
The chance to escape
was a freedom that no one
wanted to lose. 
- Gösta Ågren

That was the kind of lie that I hoped never to have to tell again, the contempt I hoped never to have to show, about the things that really mattered to me. And in order not to have to do that, I would pretty well have to stay clear of the people I used to know. 
- A. Munro, from 'Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage' (Family furnishings)

I do my thing 
and you do your thing.
I am not in this world
to live up to your expectations.
And you are not in this world
to live up to mine.
You are you and I am I.
And if by chance
we find each other, it's beautiful,
If not, it can't be helped.
- Fritz Perls

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Not exactly a hobbyist, but therapeutic writing wasn't an option. Self-doubting white girl with a tendency to obsess over stuff, which I take out on... formerly paper, nowadays my DA page.
As long as you don't attempt to "cheer me up" or get all religious on me, we'll get along well. Tell me what's your poison and I... won't exactly tell who you are, but pour you a round and tell a good story, 'kay?

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As always, thank you for the favorite and the kind words. :D
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i don´t do ˝kind˝. If something´s awesome, it´s awesome ;)
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Grazi my chaotic good friend!
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fake but enjoyable with a little suspension of disbelief, plus it had nice female bodies.
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De nada. ˝Can´t give anything but that which is my nature.˝ (Tragedy of Man, Imre Madách - my quick translation)
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